Golden Dragon Series - PC3200 Dual Channel Set 6/16/03

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For a PC3200 to overclock rock solid up to 243mhz (486mhz DDR) at Single Channel and 241mhz (482mhz DDR) at Dual Channel, it is simply amazing. Canterwood and Springdale owners with a P4 2.4C will have a very good time with this Golden Dragon Dual kit. The GeIL Golden Dragon has been the fastest PC3200 DDR modules we have tested to date!

GeIL PC3200, PC3500, and PC3700 Premium Series 4/21/03

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"Both GeIL PC3200 Ultra and PC3500 Ultra performed well above my expectations. Delivering blistering performance at CAS 2-5-2-2 memory timings up to 228mhz (456mhz DDR)! Priced very nicely, this is one of the best buys you can get at the moment. I have no second thoughts recommending both GeIL PC3200 and PC3500 Ultras. These has been the fastest DDR modules we have tested to date"

GeIL PC3500 433Mhz Dual Channel DDR Kit ULD Series 4/11/03

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"With a retail price of $180 CDN ($120 US), the GeIL PC3500 DC memory kit is quite inexpensive for performance memory. As I mentioned earlier it is $75 CDN ($50 US) cheaper then Corsair's TwinX XMS3200 LL so there is hope yet for those budget overclockers out there! =)"

GeIL PC3200 400Mhz Dual Channel DDR Kit ULD Series 3/31/03
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"The GeIL PC3200 400MHz DDR Dual Channel ULD Series Memory offers speedy performance with new dual channel capable motherboards. This memory is hand picked 5ns chips with 6 layer ultra low noise shielded PCB which means they are very stable at and above 400MHz. Watch the Video to find out more..."

GeIL PC3700 466Mhz Platinum Series 3/25/03
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"I do not know what magic GeIL cast on the PC-3700. It hit an unheard 218 MHz with 2-2-2 setting. This is simply amazing. Any manufacturer wants to lend me a board that can do > 230 MHz operation? Overclockers, do not hesitate anymore, this is the module to get if you want to achieve THE highest speed. Due to its endless potential and lifetime warranty, we give it our OCNZ Editor's Choice Award"-By

GeIL PC3500 Ultra Platinum Series 3/05/03
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"This memory is certainly very fast. In fact, it is so fast that we maxed out the CPU and the motherboard. It performs very well and is backed by a lifetime guarantee".

-Super Fast
-Lifetime Warranty
-Looks Great


GeIL PC3500 256MB Ultra Platinum 3/02/03
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"I was still able to hit 444MHz on the RAM speed @ CAS 2.0 6-3-3. Impressive!"

"Outstanding Performance

444-MHz @ CAS 2.0!

Lifetime warranty

Cheaper than Corsair PC3200


GL3500UP GeIL 512MB PC3500 Ultra Platinum 2/28/03
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"This (GeIL) memory is easily the fastest memory I have used"

"This memory is easily the fastest memory I have used.  I was able to push my memory bus and CPU to higher overclocks than I previously had with it and was able to use the faster CAS 2 memory timings."


"-Fastest Memory I've ever used

-CAS 2 at 446MHz!!!

-Looks Great


-Lifetime Warranty...."

GL1G3200DC GeIL 1GB PC3200 ULD Series 2/20/03

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GeIL 1GB PC3200 Ultra Low Latency Dual DDR Kit

"If you want the most performance you can squeeze out of your Dual Channel DDR motherboard, then this would be the kit for you. Geil has made things easy for you by selling a high-performance, low-latency pair of RAM."

GeIL 512MB PC3500 Ultra Platinum 2/07/02

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Pros: Hella Fast. Same price as PC3200DDR Corsair. Neato shipping case. Cool lookin’ heatspreaders. WAYYY overclock-able at tight settings.

Cons: High Voltage requirements. You will never want cheap sucky memory again. There you have it... GeIL wins by knockout.... "

Pocket Muse 11/25/02
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Pocket Muse : USB Flash Drive + MP3 Player

"The coolness really starts when you plug in the provided headphones. The ear buds are built into a type of lanyard that allows you to hang the Muse around your neck while you travel. You use a mini 1/32 jack to connect the headphones to the Muse. There is a thumb button on the lanyard that allows you to quickly snap the Muse off and away, so you can you can plug into a computer quickly without pulling the lanyard from around you neck. Handy! This item is being field tested as I write this, traveling my way from Scott's house back to my abode in Missouri. The Muse is very small and light and a clip on the back of the unit can secure the Muse to your shirt so you can move around without the Muse falling down and becoming a nuisance. The LED will switch to a RED color to indicate that you are now in MP3 Player mode...."

GL3200 GeIL PC3200 400MHz DDR SDRAM 10/23/02
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First Place goes to the GeIL!!

a very close Second Place goes to the Corsair, and a disappointing Third Place goes to the Xtreme DDR. I really expected alot more from them.

"The GeIL could run 8MHz faster than the Corsair at the most aggressive settings but the Corsair could run faster at the relaxed settings at a lower voltage than the GeIL. Both have lifetime warranties and have held up well in this test and previous experiences with their products. I did really like the way the GeIL was wrapped in the air tight anti-static bag inside the acrylic case...."

GL3500P GeIL PC3500 433MHz DDR Platinum Series 10/16/02
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"The GeIL PC3500 433MHz DDR Platinum Series memory will not disappoint whether you are non-overclocker or hardcore overclocker who wants 433MHz DDR speeds and more. I was easily able to break the 433MHz DDR rated speed with excellent benchmark results. This memory is stable, fast, lifetime warranty and well priced. Watch the Video to find out more..."

GL3500P GeIL PC3500 433MHz DDR Platinum Series 10/11/02
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- Fast
- Stable
- Operates 400Mhz with aggressive timings
- Built for extreme overclocking
- Cheaper than Corsair

The module itself is similar in design to the Geil DDR-400 module. The major difference is the new platinum coated heatspreader. Platinum transfers heat better than ordinary tin or alloy. Another major difference is the 4.5ns modules...

GL3200 GeIL PC3200 400MHz DDR SDRAM 09/04/2002
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"Does GeIL DDR400/PC3200 high performance RAM really deliver? You bet! Will I recommend it to family, friends, acquaintances, and total strangers? You bet! It is unfortunately a rare occurrence when a product really does deliver as advertised,..."

"The harder you push it, the faster it goes
Pretty reasonably priced for high performance DDR, Very sharp looking ..."

GL3500P GeIL PC3500 433MHz DDR SDRAM 08/31/02
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"I honestly thought before receiving the memory that it would not meet the performance claims. But it did. In fact, it is currently running in my system at 440 megahertz, after burn-in, with NO stability problems!"

GL3500P GeIL PC3500 433MHz DDR SDRAM 08/30/02
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"I thought that this would be good to show consistency. Well, this particular module would run at 482mhz at SPD values!!! That is one of the highest DDR memory speeds I have ever seen!"

"Wow 410mhz on an AMD machine is very nice considering the AGP/PCI issues at high bus speeds. I could have gone higher but my motherboard just would not let me with all the tear I was getting. So in conclusion GEIL is good on AMD as well. "

GL3200 GeIL PC3200 400MHz DDR SDRAM 08/20/02
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"If you're an overclocker looking to get the most out of your CPU then high quality memory is a must. The GEIL PC3200 is very high quality. I feel I could have gone higher than 414Mhz on the memory but I have finally reach the limits on my CPU. "